Note taking methods

This post closes our series on note taking. You may organize with paper. You may organize digitally. You may do some of both. What’s important are two things:

  1. You have a system.
  2. You work the system.

What’s also important is if you have something that works, you share it. Plenty of smart people find themselves overwhelmed. Part of the problem is a flood of incoming information and no good way to trap it or retrieve it.

Let’s review what we talked about through this note taking series:

Can you find it when you need it?

We term today’s era the “Information Age.” But our information is only as useful as our ability to find it when we need it. Note taking is an important skill yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We trap our notes. We know where to find what we need when we need it. When that happens, life gets easier.

For some, the result is an “A” on the test. For others, it means having accurate documentation and avoiding embarrassing situations. For still others, it means good ideas get trapped in good systems and implemented.

Nobody can remember it all. We shouldn’t try. What we should do is take the time to find a system that works and stick with it. Throw the information in the system. Pull it back out when you need it. When you find yourself saying, “This is easy!” it’s a sign the system is good.

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