The advertising surrounding Siri has certainly created interest in the voice recognition capabilities of smartphones. Other apps also use the power of voice recognition. You recently read on the blog about Vlingo, a program which allows you to use voice recognition to do anything from creating e-mails to searching for the nearest pizza parlor. Vlingo is normally a paid app. It is being offered free by RIM for the remainder of December.

Today’s post is about Google Mobile App. It is a free program available for BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone. In short, Google Mobile App allows you to speak into your smartphone and have it perform a Google search.

This video shows how the app works.

Personally, I feel if you have Vlingo, you do not a need for Google Mobile App. Vlingo does everything Google Mobile App does plus more. If for some reason you are not using Vlingo, Google Mobile App is a great second-best tool to have on your phone.