You can turn your handwriting into text with a tool you may already have.

Yes, we live in a digital world. The majority of what comes to us arrives in a digital format via email, text message, and the Web.

But, we also live in a world of print media and some handwriting. You’ve probably read articles that favor college student handwriting their notes in class rather than taking them digitally. But when it comes to search capabilities and the ease of storage, nothing beats digital.

In this post, you learn an easy way to digitize print media, even cursive writing, with a tool you may already have.

The Gettysburg Address: From cursive to digital

To demonstrate, I wrote a portion of the Gettysburg Address by hand in cursive.

You are welcome to determine how good or bad you feel my cursive writing is.

Grab your phone

Why not try this with me? Handwrite a couple of paragraphs.

Next, grab your phone and tap Google Lens in the Google Search Widget.

If you don’t have the Google Search Widget, this video shows how to get it. If you have an iPhone, you can still use Google Lens. This video shows how.

In the Google Search Widget, you see two icons. One is for you to speak into Google Assistant. The other is Google Lens. Tap it.

Next, you have something that looks like a camera. See the big button and instructions to tap it to search?

Google Lens has just captured that page and it’s giving you some options. Tap on “Select text.”

Google Lens highlights text. If it does not highlight enough or highlights more than desired, adjust it with the two blue handles.

Tap “Copy.” A message appears saying this text is now on the clipboard. At this point,  paste that text somewhere. In my example, I created a new Evernote note.

Once you have the blank note in front of you, hold your finger on the screen and select “paste.” You now see your handwritten text converted to digital text.

Paste into the new Evernote note, Google Doc, or other app.

Proofread the result. You’ll likely find some words not recognized correctly. The clearer your handwriting, the fewer errors you will need to correct.

Now you have a way to digitize your own handwriting or anyone else’s. And, the result is editable, searchable, and shareable. This is huge!

Few people realize how powerful Google Lens is. In this article, we explored just one use…but it’s a powerful use.

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