In the last post, we learned to “Watch the Game Film,” in other words, learning what great teaching looks like by viewing videos of it. Today’s post is a follow-up to that idea.

“Good to Outstanding” is a video series that does just what the name implies. They take good teachers and attempt to make their lessons truly outstanding. They accomplish this aim by bring in an expert to observe lessons and then meet with the teacher. During this meeting, the observer is very specific about what was good, what could have been better, and exactly how to make it so. We then see the same teacher in action again, still with the same observer in the room. We also here the feedback given to the teacher after that second lesson. Was the lesson outstanding?

Could your own teaching improve by watching? I really think so. I have been impressed with the quality and specificity of the feedback. To watch these videos, go to From Good to Outstanding.

What has helped you the most in perfecting your craft as a teacher?