Time Management


Each year, Global Gurus (GlobalGurus.org) recognize a “Top 30” in various fields. I am excited and humbled to announce that I have been named #1 in the “time management” category.


Time Management


Global Gurus is a research organization. According to their website, their rankings “…came from emails sent to 22,000 business people, consultants, academics, and MBA’s around the world…” The criteria for judging the “Top 30” focused on public opinion (30%), originality of ideas (30%), impact of original ideas (10%), practicality of ideas (10%), presentation style (10%), number of publications and writings (5%), and “guru factor” (5%).

I first appeared in the “Top 30” in 2017, ranking in the low 20’s. In 2018, the ranking was #4. Most of the others in the list are speakers and authors with whom I am very familiar. Every one of them is outstanding. To be listed among them is humbling. To be ranked #1 is something beyond my wildest dreams.

Many thanks to those who voted for me! It lets me know that the regular dose of “nuts & bolts” strategies makes a difference for readers. It gives me something to live up to.

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Many of you have been following my work for some time. The first workshops I conducted were over 20 years ago. Over the years, tools have changed. The demands on our time changed. What has remained the same is a commitment to brings you nuts-and-bolts solutions to your every-day challenges.

I have some big plans for the coming months, including ebooks, and courses. Let me turn it over to you. As I develop new resources, I would like to have your input. Come over to this page and let me know what you would like to see.