Troy Universityis sponsoring several of my workshops as a part of Learning Fest ’10. Below is a description of what you will get from “Get Organized With Outlook”

Whether you organize with a Palm, a BlackBerry, or other smartphone, the common denominator is the ability to synchronize with Outlook. This workshop teaches strategies for using Outlook to access, store, and retrieve information easily. The aim is increased productivity in a complex world.

Most people know Outlook as a program which can manage e-mail. The workshop shows how this powerful program can organize your life. In this session, you will learn:
• How to enter an appointment once and have it appear on the calendar every week, every month, etc.
• How to create an “organized task list” which presents items clearly and in the order they need to be done.
• How to handle tasks that must be done every week, month, or year.
• How to use “Contacts” as the one and only address/phone list you will ever need.
• How to keep a wealth of reference information at your fingertips using “Notes.”
• How to use the search capabilities of the software to find any information quickly.
• How to get your e-mail Inbox empty every day.
• How to synchronize Outlook with a smartphone.

Today’s world moves quickly. Outlook can keep the busy teacher or administrator on track.

This workshop is being offered June 14 from 10:00-12:00 at Troy University. Attendance is being opened to the entire state. To register, complete and submit the form found here.

Check back for information on other workshops being offered this summer.