In a digital world, life is easier when your digital tools work well with one another.

Hand-copying text from a computer screen onto paper should be a thing of the past.

Typing text into a computer from a paper copy should be quickly exiting also.

I wrote Get Organized Digitally! to give you the essential tools and strategies to lead an organized life in a digital world.

Does this describe you?

You’re a person with goals. You have a great deal you want to achieve. But sometimes all of the little commitments in life hold you back.

  • Your email inbox is overflowing.
  • You’re overwhelmed by your digital devices and the volume of available digital information.
  • There’s too much to do.
  • And it just seems like there ought to be an easier way.

Does this sound familiar?

There is a solution

If you’re feeling digital overwhelm, join a very large club. I have plenty to do. But the only thing I’m thinking about right now is writing this article.

Everything else is trapped in my system waiting its turn.

I can show you how to do it too.

Get Organized Digitally! outlines a system to give you total control over your time and surroundings and the peace of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks. It was inspired by the situation in which we found ourselves when a pandemic overtook the world.

If it hadn’t been for technology, we wouldn’t have had school AT ALL in many places. Many more businesses would have closed their doors FOR GOOD.

But because of the digital world in which we live, we’re pushing our own personal frontiers. This is the guide to help you.

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