If This Then That, better known as IFTTT, is a free service which allows different services to work together. I first wrote about it in this post. I also showed how IFTTT can be used as a clever way to escape a bad meeting. In the spirit of the Olympics, I just received an email from IFTTT regarding ways people are using IFTTT to receive and organize information from the games.

If This Then That Recipes to Keep Track of the Olympics
With IFTTT, you create “recipes.” You can also use recipes other people have created. To browse recipes related to the Olympics, you can go here.
One of the nice things about IFTTT is one of the available “then” services is your phone. If you have a feature phone, you can’t access the Internet or use the wealth of apps to bring information to your phone. (You can look for a blog post addressing that capability later.) You can use IFTTT to trigger phone calls. In the diagram above, you see that someone has constructed a recipe which will call your phone and sing “We are the Champions” when the USA wins a medal.
If you already use IFTTT, you may want to browse the Olympics-related recipes. If you are hearing about IFTTT for the first time, perhaps you want to give it a try. You can create a free account at http://ifttt.com.