A couple of days ago, my Inbox contained what was without a doubt the nicest e-mail I had ever received. New e-mail came rolling in a few minutes ago, and now it’s a tossup.

For many years, I’ve practiced and preached the value of technology as a tool for efficiency, a way to get the mundane done more quickly, and a way to create more time for the creative aspects of life.

Lately, I’ve realized more and more the power of technology to maintain relationships. Sometimes important thoughts need to be expressed in the moment or they become lost forever.

Yes, I wrote recently that e-mail starts fights, and I could tell you some stories from personal experience about the ruffled feathers that have been caused by misinterpreted e-mail. At the same time, e-mail, and Facebook, and blogs, and my newly-found friend Twitter also serve to keep us close when we can’t be face-to-face.

Out of sight need not be out of mind.