I am always glad to know about sites which offer free solutions to common problems.I am equally glad to pass that knowledge along to readers. Recently, I received an email letting me know about a site which converts PDF documents to Word.

The site is http://convertpdftoword.org. I tried it, and was impressed with the results. While you can sign up for a free account, registration is not necessary to use the site. You navigate to the document you wish to convert and supply your email address. I received an email in less than two minutes with a link to download my converted document. When I opened the document, it appeared perfect.

Time Management

In September 2010, I reviewed another PDF to Word converter in this post. That site and the one just experienced operate in a virtually identical fashion. The only difference is the one I had reviewed in 2010 asks you to complete a CAPTCH and this one does not.

My exploration got even better. I noticed in the upper-left corner a link labeled “in conjunction with Cometdocs.com.” When I clicked that link, I was taken to a more robust site at the URL Cometdocs.com. I read the FAQ tab and found Cometdocs offers over 50 online conversions, also for free.

I Googled Cometdocs and found a review done on Lifehacker in April 2009. The review was positive. My experience has also been positive. So, I offer these sites to you and hope they will increase your productivity.
After you have had a chance to take these sites for a test drive, I would be interested in what you think. If you know of other sites that offer similar capabilities, I would be glad to hear about them.