Personalized Home Page

In the last post, I wrote about my personalized home page. Today, we look at my favorite gadget on that page…my “Fingertip Bookmarks.”

igHome offers a variety of “gadgets.” It’s what makes a personalized home page—well—personalized. My favorite gadget is “Bookmarks.” Add it to igHome by clicking the “Add Gadgets” button and searching for “Bookmarks.”

Bookmarking systems have been around since the dawn of Internet browsers. Whether they’re called “Bookmarks” or “Favorites,” this feature allows users to corral URLs they may need later. Some people have hundreds of them, and they’re usually a mess. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to put the few we use all the time?

The “Fingertip” Concept

In my books, I’ve written about the idea of “Fingertip Files.” When applied to paper, examples include the company directory, or the take-out menu from the lunch place where you eat twice a week. When applied to the digital world, examples include the company letterhead template or the spreadsheet of the current month’s sales. In short, they’re the items used so frequently that having them “at your fingertips” is a time saver. I wrote this blog post about the concept.

Personalized Home Page

The “Bookmarks” Gadget in igHome

When it comes to the browser, what are the dozen to two dozen sites you use regularly? Why not have them “at your fingertips”? Add the Bookmarks gadget to your igHome page. Click the “Add Item” button and then enter the name and URL of each item.

What to Add

Here is a starter list from my own “Fingertip Bookmarks”:

  • This blog post—It lists 5 sites that offer file conversions.
  • 10-Minute Mail—Don’t you hate when you must pony-up your email address to read articles or get the “free” download? Watch as they send daily emails trying to sell you something you don’t need. This site gives you an email address that lasts for 10 minutes. Watch as your download appears. The email address evaporates while your real email address stays private.
  • Amazon Albums—I bought the CDs from Amazon but can also listen straight from their site. One click and I can enjoy the album of my choice.
  • Browser/Device Info—What operating system are you running? What’s the computer’s IP address? What are your screen resolution and browser size? Go to this site and see this information and more about what ever device you’re using.
  • Cite It In—Writing an academic paper and need to reference your sources using APA, MLA, or Chicago style? Put the information in this site and get the proper formatting.
  • Easy Map Maker—Have a set of addresses in a spreadsheet and want to create a map showing those locations? Drag and drop the spreadsheet into this site.
Personalized Home Page

Quick example of Easy Map Maker

  • Easy Word Count—Writing anything from a Tweet to an essay and need to know how many words or characters you used? Copy and paste in this site to see both pieces of information.
  • Emojipedia—Like emojis? Here is the treasure trove.
  • GIF Maker—If creating GIFs is more your bag, you’ll love this one.
  • Hemingway App—If you’re a student or do much writing of any sort, your life will get easier and your writing better. I never publish anything without running it through this site.
  • Image Annotator—Drag and drop an image. Add arrows, shapes, and text.
Personalized Home Page

Quick example of annotating a diagram

  • QR Code Generator—Enter a URL, phone number, contact details, WiFi login, and many more types of information. Get an instant QR code.
  • Teleprompter—Copy and paste your text in this site. It does exactly what it advertises.
  • YouTube Background Music—Copyright laws are for real. Use this site to find free music you can use however you like.

If what you read is of value, use the social media sharing links or use this Tweetable. Let me know your favorites in the comments.