About this time a year ago, I first wrote about the challenges posed by Extended Daylight Saving Time. That post is here, and dealt primarily with the need for those who have smartphones with any age on them at all to download a patch. Without the patch, the time would “spring forward” several weeks late.

Yes, the starting time for DST changed a year ago. It used to change on the first Sunday of April. Now, DST kicks in the second Sunday of March.

We all need to think in terms of two elements:

  1. What clocks and other devices are we going to need to “spring forward” this Saturday night?
  2. What clocks and other devices are programmed to “spring forward” on their own, but won’t be doing so until the first Sunday of April?

The second question is the one for focus. We are going to have to manually set those devices. That’s only half the battle. We are then going to have to come back in several weeks and set them back an hour when they automatically jump ahead.