We have one more week left in “Get Organized Month,” a time for us to roll up our sleeves and jump into one of the most popular News Years resolutions: Get Organized! A year ago, Eye on Education and I kicked off celebrated with an hour-long webinar entitled “Free Tech Tools for a More Productive New Year.”

Eye on Education is allowing everyone to re-live a portion of that webinar for free by visiting their blog. You can see that particular post here .

You can also watch the except below. I would encourage you to visit the Eye on Education blog if you are not already familiar with it. You will find resources from many authors.

reQall was providing us with voice-input capabilities before Siri or similar apps. Since reQall does not require a smartphone, those who use a feature phone can use reQall as a way to get thought out of their head and unto their email.

The world of technology changes rapidly. One of those changes impacts this video. The address to set up the reQall described in the video has changed slightly. It used to be http://reqall.com. Now, that address is http://reqall.com/app.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt!

Has anything happened this month to help YOU get a little more organized?