- Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more One of the best investments of my time was learning the spreadsheet portion of AppleWorks back in the days when an Apple IIe was “cutting edge.” The first accomplishment was immediately moving my gradebook from paper to computer. Never again did I have to average a grade. Since that day, spreadsheets have been huge time savers in many projects both for me and for many others with whom I have worked.

For today’s school leader, a knowledge of Excel, at least at some level, is a necessity. Some will learn enough about Excel to have a sense of the capability. This user knows enough about the program to have a mental picture the results of the project and will call upon a more tech-savvy friend to figure out the formulas. Others will embrace the design and composition of formulas.

If you are a newbie with Excel, the post for each of the next seven Mondays will present a tutorial from TeacherTube on a different Excel technique.

This first post teaches the basics of writing formulas. You will learn how to write a formula to add, subtract, multiple, or divide numbers. You also learn how to sum numbers in rows and columns using a simple budget as an example.