If you’re not using this component of Evernote, you’re missing out.

In the pencil-and-paper world, what do you do when you are reading a magazine and come across an article you want to save? You take a pair of scissors and clip it. Then you might hole-punch the article and put it in a notebook. In the digital world, you can do that same thing…with the Evernote Web Clipper.

To get started, download the Evernote Web Clipper. It’s a browser extension. Simple search for “Evernote Web Clipper” and install it. You’ll see an elephant head icon in the toolbar.

When you come across something on the Internet you want to make your own, click the Web Clipper.

The Web Clipper opens. You can simply click, “Save clip” and now go on with your work. You clip is saved. For me, the clip will be saved in my default notebook, one I call “.Inbox.” But from the menu, you can select any notebook you like. You also have the option to add a tag or comments before saving the clip.

This article now becomes yours forever. We all know how a webpage that is here today can be gone tomorrow. We all know the experience of running into “dead links” and no longer having access to the information. What you have clipped becomes a permanent part of Evernote. And yes, Evernote does automatically save the URL from which you clip the information so that you always know where you got it and can return to that original URL whenever you like.

Evernote allows for different kinds of clips. The video walks you through each of the options and how to use them.

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