The new tasks feature in Evernote works well. It’s a huge step forward. For the Evernote user who currently lacks a good way to manage tasks, Evernote tasks may be just what the doctor ordered.

What If You Like Your Current Task Manager?

That’s the issue. Many of us already use task managers, have for years, and like what we have. Evernote tasks are not nearly as robust as Remember The Milk, Asana, Todoist, or the other major players on the market.

In the video, you hear me give you background information. You’ll hear how paper planners were used to trap documentation and the to-dos that went with them and do it all in the same place. You’ll see how we planned those tasks for certain days and then were able to link the task back to the documentation.

Over the years, our tools have changed, but the underlying principles have remained the same.

What About Task Clone?

Good question. In the video, I touch on TaskClone, why it’s so good, and the mystery that surrounds it now.

So Do I Use Evernote Tasks or Not?

The main thrust of the video is to give you my specific suggestions for how to use Evernote tasks as you are taking notes. I then show you how to find the tasks created throughout any and all notes taken during the day and incorporate them into your task manager of choice. To implement the suggestion, you’ll want to have Windows Clipboard History turned on. I wrote about that concept and embedded a video here.

Our aim should not be to adopt everything that’s new. Instead, it should be to select the best tools and use each one according to the strengths it brings.

Are you using Evernote tasks? If so, what are your thoughts?

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