Struggling with disorganized documents? Evernote’s hidden import feature lets you easily import notes from Word, Google Docs & more! Learn how & conquer chaos!

Evernote has introduced many enhancements over the last year. Some you can’t help but notice. You’re going to come across them just in your daily use. Possibly, you’ll wonder if they were always there and you somehow missed them! Today, you’ll learn how to import into Evernote.

Today, I show you one you would likely not find on your own.

We rarely acess our settings. If things are working, there’s no reason to do so. And, if there is a change we want to make, we go in and make the change and come back out. That’s why today’s content is so important.

There has always been a relationship between Microsoft Office and Evernote. For example, you could drag a Word document into Evernote. It would appear as an attachment the user could open and edit in Evernote.

Now, we can import into Evernote. The text appears in the body of the note. We can do anything with it we could do with other text.

Importing a Word Document into Evernote

  • In Evernote, click on your picture in the upper left corner. Choose “settings.”
  • Click on “Import.”

At this point, you’ll see the import box. You see the platforms from which you can import

  • Apple Notes
  • Google Docs
  • OneNote
  • Notion
  • Word

Click on any of the selections and view directions for how to import from that platform.

To import a Word document, click the icon for the desired document and drag it into the import box. A new note appears in Evernote with the text of the Word document. You can drag more than one document at a time into the box. Each document imported becomes a new note. I also tried Word documents formatted with headers. When imported, that formatting holds.

Importing from Other Platforms

In the “Import Content window, click an icon and read the instructions.

  • Google Docs: Download as Word and then drag the Word document into the import box.
  • Apple Notes: Print to PDF and drag the PDF into the import box.
  • OneNote: Print to PDF and drag the PDF into the import box.
  • Notion: Export as HTML and import the resulting zip file.

Digital Notes vs. Digital Documents

If you’ve used Word or Google Drive for a long time, you may have stored information there because there was just no other place to put it.

I think about the difference between digital notes and digital documents this way:

Suppose it’s 1975. Where would you be housing the information in question?

  • Handwritten on index cards?
  • Typed with a typewriter onto an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper?

If “index cards” would be appropriate, you’re looking at notes. You can organize and reorganize index cards in a variety of ways. You can jot a subject in a corner of the card and jot more than one subject if appropriate. 

If you would have hauled out the typewriter, you’ve got a document.

In the 1980s and 1990s, everything had to be a digital document. Now we have Evernote.

Recipes As an Example

Perhaps you’ve been keeping recipes digitally. You’ve been doing it in Word because that was the best tool when you started collecting and recording them many years ago.

Maybe you have a folder for recipes and then subfolders for different types of dishes. Then, you have folders within those folders. But, if you do it that way, a recipe can only be in one place.

You might want to see all salads or all desserts.

You might want to see all the recipes good for a particular holiday.

You might want to categorize recipes according to which ones were favorites for particular family members.

You might want to pull together recipes that are very easy to make versus more labor intensive in case you are interested in sharing recipes with someone else or teaching a son or daughter how to cook.

With Evernote, you have a notebook for recipes. Use tags for all of the was to categorize just mentioned. You could easily find a dessert that’s a favorite of Tommy, easy to make, and appropriate for a hot summer day.

What Examples Do You Have?

Look at your own digital documents. If you had it to do all over again, which ones would you have saved as digital notes? Now you can import into Evernote as digital notes, and it’s easy.

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