I addressed attendees at a music conference…but didn’t talk to them about music.

Let the irony of that one sink in for a moment. This was a group that already knew about music…a lot about music.

Truth be told, this group has forgotten more about music than most people will ever know.

And that’s what I talked to them about.

Your information is only as good as your ability to put your hands on it when you need it.

My talk for them was how to use Evernote to take those good ideas that are all around us and organize them in such a way that they are useful.

Whether it’s housing a PDF with text fully displayed, clipping full articles from the internet, entering good ideas with your voice, or much more, Evernote makes it easy. Today could be the day you create an account or blow the dust off the one you created but never use.

Here is the handout I had for the group. It was created in… well you guessed it… Evernote:


Here are some Evernote resources I think you will enjoy:

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