Evernote is bringing 14 features to the free plan. What are they and why are they are important?

In December 2023, the Evernote free plan underwent a dramatic change. Users are now limited to 50 notes and one notebook. This plan can best be described as a trial, although there is no deadline on the trial. Try it for 14 days, 6 months, or however long you like. The hope is that you will find Evernote (and the notes you take as a result) to be valuable enough to subscribe.

Some look at the pricetag as an expense. Others see it as an investment in themselves.

To help users make a good decision, Evernote just added 14 features which to the free plan. These 14 had been limited to the “Personal” or “Professional” plan. It’s an effort to let new users see what life can be like when they have a paid plan, can create an unlimited number of notes, and have even more features.

In the video, I discuss my favorite right of the features coming to the free plan. Below is the entire list of 14. I have listed them in the order of how important each is to my workflow. Your mileage may vary.

Email notes to Evernote (Formerly Personal)

  • You can forward emails directly to your Evernote account. The email becomes a new note.
  • Advantages: You have a “place” to put emails that contain important reference information. You’re able to do so without ever leaving the email inbox.
  • Here is more.

Share notes via email (Formerly Personal):

  • You can send a note to someone else via email.
  • Advantages: Communication regarding your information is easy. Collaborators do not have to have an Evernote account.
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Spreadsheet preview (Formerly Professional):

  • You can view and scroll a spreadsheet within a note without opening the sheet.
  • Advantages: You save time by being able to see data without opening and closing spreadsheets. You can attach more than one spreadsheet within a note. Therefore, you can view multiple spreadsheets simultaneously.
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PDF annotation (Formerly Personal):

  • Allows you to annotate PDF files directly within Evernote. Add comments, draw arrows, crop, etc.
  • Advantages: You increase the value of the items within your note by being able to highlight important points, draw arrows to bring attention, etc.
  • Here is more.

PDF export (Formerly Professional):

  • You can export Evernote notes as PDF files.
  • Advantages: Most everyone can open a PDF. Therefore, you can share the contents of a note with people regardless of the software platforms they use. Your information can more easily be preserved for posterity.
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Custom templates (Formerly Personal):

  • You can create and save your own templates in addition to using those available in the template gallery.
  • Advantages: While the gallery is helpful, everyone’s needs are unique.
  • Here is more.

Offline notes (Formerly Personal):

  • You can designate certain notes and/or notebooks to access and edit your notes even when offline. Changes will sync automatically once you’re online again.
  • Advantages: Sometimes, you are in a place where you do not have Internet access. This feature allows you to access information you anticipated you would need.
  • Here is more.

Document & image search (Formerly Professional):

  • You can search for text within documents and images within your notes.
  • Advantages: Valuable information often exists within a PDF or text inside an image. Your search becomes for efficient and comprehensive.
  • Here is more.

Boolean search (Formerly Professional):

  • You can construct more granular searches by using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to refine and narrow search results.
  • Advantages: Searches will be more accurate, returning fewer “false positives” and preventing missed results.
  • Here is more.

Note history & restore (Formerly Personal):

  • You can view the state of a note from various points in the past. You can also restore the note to a previous version.
  • Advantages: Your notes are more secure. An accidental change or deletion can be restored.
  • Here is more.

Business card scanning (Formerly Professional):

  • You can scan a business card and Evernote will recognize it as a business card and extract the various pieces. Open Evernote on your mobile device, touch the camera icon, and snap a picture of the business card.
  • Advantages: You can quickly create a note about a person or business. All relevant information will be extracted from the card and organized in a brand-new note.
  • Here is more.

Custom global keyboard shortcuts (Formerly Personal):

  • You to set up custom keyboard shortcuts for frequently-used actions within Evernote.
  • Advantages: For the power user, you increase speed by using keyboard shortcuts rather than using mouse clicks or menus.
  • Here is more.

Customize the “create” button on mobile (Formerly Personal):

  • On the Evernote mobile app, you can customize the “create” button.
  • Advantages: You have quick access to your preferred note-creation options. You are customizing the app to your workflow preferences. It’s easier and faster to capture and organize information on the go.
  • Here is more.

Geographic search (Formerly Professional):

  • You can search for notes based on geographic locations or tags associated with specific places.
  • Advantages: You can easily find notes related to travel itineraries, restaurant recommendations, meeting notes from specific places, or other location-related information.
  • Here is more.

How much is your information worth?

This is an interesting time for Evernote. A price increase has allowed them to keep the lights on and to continue to innovate. But at he same time doubling the price has many people asking the question, “Is Evernote worth it?” And it’s a fair question.

But let’s reframe that question for a moment. We live in an information age. Information is plentiful. But how are you going to trap it and make it your own so that you can find what you need quickly and from anywhere, add to it from anywhere, and share it on the spot? So I want to ask you something.

Instead of asking if Evernote is worth it, let’s ask “How much is your information worth?”

And if there was a tool that would make your information worth more, would you be interested?

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