Here’s a great Evernote use case to help you collect and share great recipes. This was a fun activity you can replicate.

When fun and learning meet, expect the learning to stick. That was the idea behind an invitation to the Evernote Experts. You get to reap the benefits.

We Evernote Experts regularly come together to share our knowledge of Evernote and how to best share it with the world. In this adventure, we shared our recipes and used Evernote as the medium to do so.

Each of us was invited to share a favorite recipe. To do so, each of us created a note within our own Evernote accounts and constructed the recipe.  Here is mine.

Evernote lets me drag a photograph of the finished product right into the note. I created a table and listed the ingredients. I created a second table and added the instruction. The width of an Evernote table adjusts to the device on which you’re viewing it.

Submitting the recipe.

To submit the recipe, I created a “public link.” All I had to do was click the “share” button and flip the resulting “shareable link” switch on. That gave me a link that made the note function just like a Webpage. Anyone with the link could view the note. To submit my recipe to the contest, all I did was submit that link. The other Evernote Experts did as well.

The contest took on the flavor of “March Madness.” The Evernote social medium team got busy and fashioned Instagram stories. Each panel featured photos of two recipes with a poll where people could vote between the two. The winners from each pair advanced to the next round, and so on. The Delicious Coconut Cream Cake I submitted was the winner!

Evernote use case

Here’s your cookbook!

Would you like to have a copy of all the recipes? Evernote made that easy for you. They created a note. Inside the note, they created a table two columns wide. In the first column is a link to the recipe. In the second column is a picture of the finished product. The magic happened when they clicked the “share” button and created a shareable link.

The shareable link is: When you click the link, notice how long the resulting link is. That’s one reason I like to use bitly as a link shortener.

The cookbook looks just like a Webpage. You see no page breaks. The width of the page changes with the width of the device.

If you’re an Evernote user, click the “Save Copy to Evernote” button, and a copy is saved into your Evernote account. Every one of the recipes is yours, and each is only a click away.

The activity was fun. And although my submission was voted the “winner,” the real winner here is anyone overwhelmed by the amount of reference material in their world and hungry for a way to organize it. The more you use Evernote, the more valuable it becomes.

Evernote use case

Are you an Evernote user?

If not, create a free account today. If so, it’s time to up your game. Check out my playlist of videos related to Evernote.

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