Learn how to use Evernote collapsible headers and anchor links to organize your notes efficiently. Boost your productivity with these powerful features.

Organizing your information on the page makes it easier to see what you have. For example, when I write a blog post or newspaper column, I use headers throughout to divide the text into sections. It looks better for the reader and it helps you get an overall feel for what the article is about.

Introducing Collapsible Headers

Evernote has always given us the ability to put headers into our notes. We can have them in three levels: small, medium, and large. One of the new enhancements for 2024 is “collapsible headers.”

Whenever you create a header, you’ll see an arrow point to the left of it. Toggle it open or closed to show the text within that section.

To concentrate on something else in the note, toggle the arrow point. It collapses that section.

Collapse a header and it collapses everything below it until it reaches a header of the same level or larger, or if reaches a divider line.

Improvement with templates

As a result of the collapsible headers, I’ve reworked some of my templates. Instead of using tables to hold various parts of the note, I use headers.

One example of this technique is my meeting note template. When I create the note, I start by linking it to the calendar event in my Evernote calendar, which reads from my Google Calendar.

That step places a shaded box into the note. That box contains the title of the meeting, date and time, Zoom link, and anything else contained in the details of the meeting from my Google Calendar. My little template inserts all the rest.

On your computer only…for now

Collapsible headers are only available on the desktop software and Evernote Web. They have not come to mobile as yet. The plan for enhancements is to bring them to your computer first and then expand to mobile.

Slash commands & their keyboard shortcuts

Another enhancement that makes creating these headers easy. From anywhere within the note, hit the “slash,” located on the same key as the question mark. A list of options appears. Click one of the header options. You can do that before you type your header, or click on any existing text, hit the slash, and choose a header level. The entire line of text will now be a header.

To make things even easier, Evernote has included keyboard shortcuts.

Try this:

  1. Hit the slash key
  2. Type the number “1”
  3. Press “Enter”

You’ve just created a large header. Likewise, /2 creates a medium header, and /3 creates a small header.

Introducing Anchor Links

I love linking things to other things. When a task is related to a particular email, I copy the link to that email and paste it into the task. That’s easy to do with Gmail.

Evernote has always let us link to any note. Within the note, we can click the three-dot menu in the upper right and copy either the app link or the web link. We can paste that link in another Evernote note, in a task, in a Google Doc, in a spreadsheet, in a Word doc, or the calendar, etc. One click in any of those places opens that Evernote note.

Now, we can go further. We can create a link not just to the note, but to any particular spot within the note. We do it by creating a header and using an “anchor link.”

The next time you create a header in Evernote, notice the link icon that appears to the right. Click on it. You just created a link to that particular header. Paste it wherever you need. You’re now one click away from that spot.

Like anything else, the more you practice, the more automatic this process becomes.

Your Call to Action

So here’s your call to action for this week:

Create a blank note and insert a few headers. You don’t have to click and highlight all the text to make changes. Click anywhere in the text and use the slash and the number 1, 2, or 3 and enter. Click the link icon to create an anchor link. Paste it somewhere. Then click and watch it take you back to where you were in Evernote.

I hope collapsible headers and anchor links make your notetaking experience easier and more fun.  Leave me something in the comment on the blog or the YouTube channel to let me know what you think about these new features and any ideas you have for how you will use them.

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