If you are are an Android user, and have the Evernote app on your device, the latest update allows you to compose handwritten notes.


Just as you have had the ability to combine notes with the on-screen keyboard, create audio, and include pictures within the same note, you now have the ability to combine these elements with handwriting or drawings as well. Your handwriting will not be converted to typed text. Think of your handwriting as more of an image than anything else.

The first time I used the handwriting option on the app, a little message told me that I could use two fingers to slide the screen up and down, and that tapping outside the canvas where I was doing my handwriting would bring up the on-screen keyboard. I experienced no problems.

When Evernote synced, I found the newly-created note in Evernote on my computer. A help message appeared there as well, letting me know that I could annotate the drawing on my desktop computer. With one click, I was able to assess the annotation tools. Those tools look much like what you see in Skitch. In fact, Skitch may be exactly what I was seeing.

I wondered if I would see that same help message every time I added a new handwritten note and then opened it on my desktop computer. I found that if I simply right-click on my handwritten image, “Annotate this Image” is one of my selections.

For the person who is keying in their notes but needs to draw a graph or some other image, this enhancement is perfect. For the person who likes to take handwritten notes and has longed to be able to do so on their tablet, this enhancement grants that ability. Personally, I see using this function to add a quick diagram to my notes more than anything else.

If you have Evernote on your Android, we probably already have the handwriting ability. Create a new note and click the paperclip icon. Look for the “Handwriting” option. If you do not see it immediately, choose the “More” selection.

This new feature for Android gives you what iOS users have with an app called Penultimate. The handwriting function has been a highly-requested enhancement for some time.

Anyone already using this feature? How do you see yourself making use of it?