This post gives you my initial impressions of Evernote AI Note Cleanup after just a few minutes of experimentation. Be sure to watch the video.

  1. You must have at least 100 characters of text in the note for the AI Cleanup button to become active. 
  2. If the note is over 6,000 characters, the AI Cleanup button will not be active.
  3. AI Cleanup does take some time to think, so you will see the circle spin and a title message appear. 
  4. When I ran AI Cleanup on a note that consisted only of a table, it took the information out of the table and turned it into bullet points. But, if the notes consisted of text, the table was left intact. Since in the first case the only thing in the note was a table, AI Cleanup must have thought I didn’t want a table. This could be a very good thing for those times when you do want to extract all information from a table. You would not need to copy/paste content from each cell one at a time.
  5. Looking at the above three points taken as a whole, I am hoping at some point we could choose part of a note to be cleaned. (If a highlighted part of the note, AI Cleanup looks at only that. If I highlight nothing, AI CLeanup cleans it all.
  6. You can use the undo and redo buttons at the top of the note to compare the original with the cleaned version.
  7. Leaving a note makes the changes permanent, although going to “Note history” allows you to restore a previous version. In every case I tried, when I cleaned an existing note, there was an available Note history version just before the cleaning.
  8. In a bulleted or numbered list AI Note Cleanup, likes to bold the first words of the bullet. (That’s something I generally do in practice anyway.) So, I am wondering if the AI is looking at my account as a whole and seeing that trend or if that’s just the way it rolls. Would be interested to see what others see.
  9. The AI also likes to bold words it sees as important within the line.

What you read here is simply what I jotted in an Evernote note as I was experimenting with Evernote AI Note Clean. I hope you’ll have these notes by your side as you do your own experimentation.

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