Evernote AI Edit is rolling out and I got mine a few days ago. I’m going to show you how I am using AI Edit to help me with the content you are experiencing right now.

You will know if you have AI Edit if you see a small button just under “Share.” Click it, and you will see the options Evernote AI Edit gives you.

First, it’s going to make you select some text. There may be parts of the note that just aren’t appropriate for editing. For example, I am composing this while I am saying to you in an Evernote note. I am using a template that includes a checklist of things I need to do to bring this content to you via my blog, YouTube, podcast, and newspaper column. I don’t want AI Edit to touch any of that. All I want it to do is edit the script.


The first option is “summarize.” I highlighted the entire script I wrote for this post. Several options for summarization appeared. I chose to have Evernote AI Edit summarize the entire post in one paragraph. Here is what AI Edit said:

“Evernote AI Edit is a new feature designed to help with content organization and editing. The AI Edit feature includes options for summarizing, fixing errors, crafting titles and introductions, translating, and changing the tone of the writing. The feature allows users to selectively apply the AI suggestions and make the final decisions. While acknowledging the importance of honing writing skills, the author emphasizes the potential of AI to provide relevant examples and help overcome the challenge of starting the writing process. The author invites feedback on the AI Edit feature and highlights the importance of responsible use of AI as a tool.”

Not bad.

Fix Typos

Next comes an easy one. I am not a good typist, and so I tend to make mistakes. Sure, I do have Grammarly running, and it’s helpful to catch my errors. I can look at what’s underlined and fix them one at a time. Watch the video and you’ll see the paragraph I highlighted and what Evernote AI Edit did with that paragraph to fix my typos.

Help Me Write

The next menu item is called “Help Me Write.” Ask anyone who writes or composes video or podcasts will tell you the hardest tricks of composing the content are:

  1. Crafting a title that gets people’s attention. After all, if they don’t click the title, it doesn’t matter how good the content is. They’ll never read.
  2. Composing an introduction that sets the tone for your message. Your first sentence keeps people wanting to go to the next sentence and the next paragraph. If not, they never get to the message.
  3. Finally, you have to have a conclusion that wraps a bow around your message. It’s the thing that sends the reader out into the world and wanting to take action on what they just learned.

When you sit down to write, you have a pretty good idea of what you want to say. But the introduction, conclusion, and title are three things where you may need help. So guess what the “Help Me Write” menu does? Those three things.


I highlighted the entire script and asked Evernote AI Edit to help me write an introduction. Here is what it said:

“Have you heard about the new Evernote AI Edit feature? It’s been a game-changer for me in creating the content you’re currently experiencing. From summarizing to fixing errors, crafting titles and introductions, translating, and even changing the tone of the writing, Evernote AI Edit offers a range of helpful options. Let me walk you through how this AI tool has revolutionized my content creation process and how it could potentially benefit you as well.”

Evernote AI Edit doesn’t simply put its suggestion into my script. It lets me make that decision. I click to copy and then paste it where I want it. I can edit from there. You see this same behavior throughout the rest of the menu items.


Next, I highlighted the entire post and asked Evernote Ai Edit to help me write a conclusion.

Personally, what it gave me was too long. To me, it seemed more like a summary of the whole article. So I clicked the “regenerate button.” The new version said:

I hope this information will help you understand the topic better and encourage you to explore it further. Remember to stay curious and keep learning!

Well, maybe that was a bit too short.

Let’s try one more thing. This time I will highlight what I intended for the conclusion and see what Evernote AI does with it.

So, there you have it. Whether you’re a fan of AI or not, it’s clear that it’s here to stay. Just like any tool, it all comes down to how we choose to use it. If you’ve got Evernote AI Edit, I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you’re not a fan of AI, I’m open to that too. Thanks for spending this time with me. And if you enjoyed what you heard, check out the other videos on the channel and consider subscribing. This is Frank Buck, helping you Get Organized…and make it look easy.

I am going to stick with my original, but what Evernote did was good.

Now for the title…

I wanted Evernote AI to help me with a title for the post. I highlight the text of the post. From the Evernote AI Edit “Help Me Write” menu, I chose, “Title”

Evernote AI Edit suggested: “Revolutionizing Content Creation with Evernote AI Edit.”

Not bad. I clicked “regenerate” and got this suggestion:

“Embracing Evernote AI Edit: A Revolution in Content Creation”


In a global society, we speak many languages. How can we make our written work readable by those who don’t speak the language we speak? Sure, we can copy and paste into Google Translate. We can use Google Lens, a personal favorite of mine.

But what if we could do it right from Evernote? Let’s highlight a portion of this script and from Evernote AI Edit, choose “Translate” and pick a language. I will choose Spanish.

En una sociedad global, hablamos muchos idiomas. ¿Cómo podemos hacer que nuestro trabajo escrito sea legible para aquellos que no hablan el mismo idioma que nosotros? Claro, podemos copiar y pegar en Google Translate. Podemos usar Google Lens, uno de mis favoritos personales.Pero, ¿qué tal si pudiéramos hacerlo directamente desde Evernote? Destaquemos una parte de este guion y desde Evernote AI Edit, elijamos “Traducir” y seleccionemos un idioma. Yo elegiré español.

Next, I will choose French:

Dans une société mondiale, nous parlons de nombreuses langues. Comment pouvons-nous rendre notre travail écrit lisible pour ceux qui ne parlent pas la même langue que nous? Bien sûr, nous pouvons copier-coller dans Google Traduction. Nous pouvons utiliser Google Lens, un de mes outils préférés.Mais et si nous pouvions le faire directement depuis Evernote? Mettons en surbrillance une partie de ce script et à partir de l’édition IA d’Evernote, choisissons “Traduire” et sélectionnons une langue.

How about German:

In einer globalen Gesellschaft sprechen wir viele Sprachen. Wie können wir unsere schriftlichen Arbeiten für diejenigen lesbar machen, die nicht die Sprache sprechen, die wir sprechen? Sicher, wir können in Google Translate kopieren und einfügen. Wir können auch Google Lens verwenden, ein persönlicher Favorit von mir.Aber was ist, wenn wir das direkt von Evernote aus machen könnten? Lassen Sie uns einen Teil dieses Skripts hervorheben und in Evernote AI Edit “Übersetzen” auswählen und eine Sprache auswählen.

And now Chinese:


And I am doing it all from within a note in Evernote.

Now there’s one more menu item…change the tone.

This feature is not available yet. One of the challenges with the written word is that emotion can get lost. Sometimes we don’t come across the way we would like. What if technology could take our message and make it sound more professional or more casual, or happy.

Evernote AI Edit Is a Tool, Not a Human Replacement

Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t for one microsecond suggest that honing our own writing skills is no longer important. But if you write well, I’ll be willing to bet you were exposed to good writing on a regular basis. It helps to see relevant examples. AI can provide those examples. We can modify them. We can even ignore them. But, my friends, it removes the curse of the blank page, because the hardest part…is the start.

If you have Evernote AI Edit already, I would love to hear your comments. If you think AI is the worst thing in the world, I’d like to hear that too.

Regardless of what we think, AI is here. It’s a tool. A hammer is a tool. It can be used to pound the nails that result in your dream home. It’s also a tool that can be used to smash the windows in that same home. It all depends on who’s using the tool.

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