What kind of difference would it make in your organization if you could add a “personal touch” for lots of people and do it easily?

The video and podcast do exactly that. The “how to” is presented by my guest Elle Dmytryszyn.

Her title is Executive Support Specialist at Louisa County Public Schools in the Richmond/Central Virginia area.

Elle’s career started out in IT, championing intranet solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint to bridge the gap of internal communications as well as a host of other internal processes. 

She then took that experience to serve as a Department of Defense contract team lead of six designers, developers and learning instructors to create custom real-time business intelligence dashboards and apps that ended up saving the government over $9M.

Elle has a deep love of user experiences with a focus on the design and development of marketing and communications products and services. She loves to learn new ways of doing things with the hope of saving time and money – and doing things more efficiently and more effectively. 

Google Forms

While Google Forms have been around for quite a while, we tend to overlook its usefulness. Instead of getting responses through random emails, use Google Forms to collect information in a concise spreadsheet. In addition, Google has added features over the years.

Learn how this school system then uses the data from the spreadsheets to mailmerge data and create individualized items.

Watch the video and see if you get additional ideas about how to use Google Forms in your organization.

“Word of the Year”

Many people adopt a “word of the year” each January. See how Louisa County took this concept several steps further and how Elle used available technology to make it happen.

Enjoy this interview with Elle Dmytryszyn.

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