Thanks to everyone who was part of the “Free Tech Tools That Increase Productivity” webinar today. We covered a great deal of ground in 60 minutes. In addition to what you gained through the webinar and downloadable ebook, a number of posts on this blog will give you additional information about the tools and concepts from this event:

igHome  Friday’s post (February 15) is all about this tool. Check back then.
No More iGoogle? What Will We Do?
Netvibes: When You Can’t Find a Widget
Sharing on Netvibes
Free Dropbox Ebook
From Outlook to Evernote
New to Evernote? The Notebooks You Will Need
Survey Results are In! Learn About Google Forms
Conducting a Classroom Walkthrough Using Google Docs Forms
reQall: CLAS Conference Follow-Up
Vlingo: Your Personal Assistant

Technology is a moving target, so you will notice some differences between the tools as described in the blog posts and what covered in the webinar, In particular, Google has made some changes to the way the screen looks as you create forms. The concepts are still the same.

I welcome your questions here or on the ELN blog, using the link Arlin gave at the end of the webinar.

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