Forgetting is not only good, it’s a right you earn when you’re organized.

I was delighted to be Deb Coviello’s guest on the Drop-In CEO podcast for a second time.

In this episode I’m sharing with you here, we’re going to go back to my early days, how I got into the organization, time management, and productivity space. We explore how to keep up with your tasks, including those that repeat.

We explore Evernote for keeping your information organized. You’ll come away realizing you have an important right…the right to forget about it. Let your system handle the remembering for you.

While this was a podcast episode, Deb and I let the camera roll so we had visual contact with other. I hope by bringing you the visual format, you get an extra dimension. I hope you’ll enjoy my conversation with Deb Coviello.

To learn more about Deb Coviello, visit her website.

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