I received this question regrading Entourage and the ability to “drag and drop” e-mails to calendar, tasks, etc. Does anyone have a solution to offer?

Dr. Buck,

You’re systems have really helped me to give myself permission to forget. Thank you.

I spoke with you at ASCD regarding the difference between outlook and Entourage (the MAC OSX MS Office equivalent) and the fact that I couldn’t click and drag emails from Entourage into tasks and calendars. I was at teh Apple store near my home last week and I checked with several “apple” staffers and they didn’t know the solution either. If any of your other blog contributors have any suggestions (short of use a PC) I’d love to hear them.

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Having not used Entourage myself, I really can’t answer that one. I did talk with Mark Williams, who works for Apple. He uses MacMail rather than Entourage for his e-mail, so he was also not familiar with all of the capabilities of the program. He did say that you can drag and drop appointments into iCal, which is a calendar program built into the Mac operating system.