If you have been vaccinated for COVID-19, you have a vaccination card to show as proof. Many of us would like to have that card with us as we go about our days. The card is larger than your credit cards and doesn’t fit neatly into a wallet.

Also, might be a little afraid you would lose or destroy the card, so what do you do? The easiest answer is to have it on your phone. Let’s look at two ways to do that.

Use Evernote to Take a Photo of the Vaccination Card

Many people created an Evernote account at some time in the past and haven’t done much with it. Let creating a digital image of this card be your first step towards keeping this type of information easily accessible.

If you have never created an Evernote account, seize this opportunity. Go to Evernote.com and create a free account. I must throw in a little disclaimer. I am an Evernote Certified Consultant. If you were to upgrade to a paid Evernote account, I would receive a small commission.

Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store and download the Evernote app. Log in with the same username and password with which you created your account.

Lay the card on a flat surface and open the Evernote app on your phone. We’re going to create a new note, and that note is going to be a picture of the card. When you tap the button to create a new note, you will see an icon that looks like a camera. Tap it and watch your phone’s camera appear.

In essence, you’re taking a picture of the card. But unlike other photos, it is saved as a note in Evernote instead of the camera roll. Evernote allows you to give the note a title. If you’ve been using Evernote and have notebooks within the program, you can add this card to one of those notebooks.

When you need to produce the card, the search feature in Evernote is incredibly good. Search for a keyword such as “COVID” or “vaccination” and your card will appear.

In addition to finding the card on your phone, you could also go to any computer that has internet access, log into your Evernote account, and you’ll see the image of the card there as well.

Now you have a concrete reason to use Evernote. Here are some others.

“Key Ring” on Android

For years, I’ve used a free app on my phone to keep up with store loyalty cards. It’s called “Key Ring,” and it’s available in the Google Play Store. I feel sure a comparable app is available for iOS.

Instead of carrying all the loyalty cards with me, I add them to Key Ring. The app stores the name of the card, the membership number, and prompts me to take a photo of the front and back of each card.

You can add your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to Key Ring. It’s now housed with all of your other cards and is available just by opening the app.

Now you can file away your card where it’s secure. You won’t lose it. At the same time, you have a digital copy on your phone for when you need it.

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