What are the tools I use and how can they really make a difference? That’s the theme of the posts for this month.

A school administrator taking an online course with me wrote:

“I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve been learning so far in the book study and applying some of the things I’ve learned. The information you’ve shared with us about using a digital task list definitely increases productivity.

I am a person that has a strong dependency on putting my tasks on paper but I want to transition to using the digital task list more.

Do you have any advice or tips you can share with me to transition to the digital task list and minimize my use of paper?”

And here’s my response:

People tend to do what’s easy, for you to adopt a digital task list, we’ve got to overcome any barriers that are keeping it from being easier than paper.

When you are at your computer, keep Remember the Milk open in a browser tab. When a task comes to mind, one click on that tab brings Remember The Milk to the front and you can enter the task.

“Smart Add”

To make adding tasks even easier, I like to use the desktop version of Remember The Milk because of the “Smart Add” feature.

A quick keyboard shortcut brings up a window where I can add a task (together with a date, priority, tag, URL, and even notes) no matter what I am doing on my computer.

Hitting enter makes the window disappear and the new task is added to Remember The Milk.

This feature works as long as Remember The Milk is running even if it is minimized.

This link lets you download the desktop version of Remember The Milk.

Entering tasks on the go

When you are out and about, the idea is the same.

Entering tasks into Remember The Milk on your phone has got to be as easy as jotting a task on a sticky note.

I love voice input. Create a new task in the Remember The Milk app. Instead of keying in the task, tap the microphone key on the phone’s keyboard and speak the task. Watch your speech be transformed into text.

That one simple thing makes entry into Remember The Milk easier than writing the task on a sticky note or paper notepad. Plus, you never have to recopy that task, and all tasks are fully searchable.

Many tasks arrive in email messages

Regardless of what email service or program you use, sending that email straight to Remember The Milk is easy.

  1. In Remember The Milk, click the cog in the upper right corner and choose “Account Settings.”
  2. When the screen opens, click “Email tasks.”
  3. You will see two email addresses. The one you want is “Inbox Email.”
  4. Anything sent to that email address becomes a task in Remember The Milk.
  5. The subject of the email becomes the name of the task.
  6. The body of the email appears in the note section of the task.

To make using this feature as easy as possible, copy that special email address and put it in your contacts.

As you work through your email and come across emails that embed “to-dos,” here’s what to do:

  1. Hit “forward.”
  2. Choose your RTM email address in the “to” line.
  3. Change the subject line to what you want the name of the task to be.
  4. Send.

As a bonus, you can add a ^ and date in the subject line and a ! followed by a 1, 2, 3, or 4 to add the priority. Your task appears in RTM complete with date and priority. All of the information from the email is in the note section of your task.

Want to learn more about digital tasks and Remember The Milk? Visit this YouTube playlist.

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