My last post explained “social bookmarking.” My choice is “” and I have been using it for almost a year. I no longer add any website to my “Favorites.” If the site is one I am going to use quite frequently, I add it to my iGoogle, which I talked about here and here. Less commonly-used sites will be saved to

Like the video said, the secret is in the tagging. The intriguing part to me is that you are allowed to have multiple tags for a single item. No more trying to figure out how to “cross reference” an item. All I have to do is think of the multiple categories by which I would think of an item I want to add. If I find a good site related to special education law, I can tag it “special education” and also tag it “law.” Now, anytime I want to find “special education” sites I have saved, that site will be amongst them. Likewise, I look for sites on “law,” that site will also be one of the hits.