In the last month, four different people have approached me with the same problem. They were sent a Word document which they could not open, even though they regularly use Word. In all four cases, the problem was the same: The document was saved in Word 2007 and the recipient was using Word 2003.

Here are two piece of information everyone needs to know:

  1. Office 2003 will not open an Office 2007 document.
  2. A free converter is available which will allow Office 2007 documents to be opened with Office 2003.

This problem is going to become more and more prevalent as more people make the switch to Office 2007, generally by virtue of purchasing a new computer. The very large percentage of us who are still doing just fine with Office 2003 won’t be able to open documents from the growing percentage who made the switch.

What’s the solution? Don’t wait until you are faced with that “must open” document that just won’t open. Get the converter while you are thinking about it. You are just a couple of mouse clicks away right this minute, so why not knock it out right now?

To get that converter, click here.

With a DSL connection, the download takes roughly five minutes.

Once you download the converter, you may wish to copy the installer to a flash drive. You will then be able to load that converter on your laptop or whip out the flash drive when a co-worker is running into his/her own problem opening a Word 2007 document!

You can even save those documents once you open them. Go to “Save As” and choose “Word Document” as the file type.

A few mouse clicks to download and install that converter, and then I can open anything saved in Office 2007. That’s easy enough I will actually do it!