Dancing the List and a Whole New Resolve

You never know when a quick comment will resonate deeply with someone. One reminder, comes from the words of Jennifer Hogan. She writes:

Lately, many days I have been feeling like I did when I had a newborn at home. Then, I would look back at the end of the extremely busy day of changing diapers, feeding, rocking, cleaning (etc!) and think… “What in the world did I get accomplished today? Anything?”

Work has been extremely busy… so much so that there has not been time to sit back and just ponder. To think about the big picture. To reflect.

At home, it’s been busy, too, with the girls’ basketball schedule, club volleyball practices and tournaments, and just stuff that you have to do at home (cooking, cleaning, paying bills, etc.) I know many of you can relate. Frank Buck tweeted something the other day that spoke to me…


I realized that while I normally have my daily to-do list, I had thrown it out the window with so many incoming emails and situations at work, and I have just been responding. 

And it was sapping my energy. 

Thank you, Frank, for your reminder. 

Today is new resolve. Back to my lists of tasks, back to my new year’s resolution to Win the Day. I want to look back on each day and have no regrets. 

That includes dancing, too.

My original tweet was a comment I made as part of a Saturday morning tweet chat. It expressed a concept that has made a difference for me. Like most everyone else, I am tempted to drift to whatever is clamoring for my attention at the moment. The world is filled with so many rabbit trails cleverly disguised as treasure. I need something to keep me focused.

The to-do list isn’t about drudgery. It’s about charting a course. It’s about living. Sometimes, it’s about dancing.

You’ve got today, as does everyone else. What will you do with it? Do you have a plan? Is it clear? Is it one you can’t wait to begin?

Today can be a whole new resolve. Now, go and make today count!