During November, we looked at the apps I use on my BlackBerry and PlayBook. You can, however, take any website and turn it into an app.

You must be running OS6 or OS7 on your BlackBerry for this procedure to work. On your BlackBerry, open your browser and navigate to the desired website. Look just to the right of the URL window. There will be a circular icon. When you click it, select “Add to Home Screen.” That’s it! You will now see an icon on your home screen. When you click it, you are at your desired website.

You can do the same thing on the PlayBook. While at your desired website, click on the white star to the right of the URL. Select “Add to Home Screen.”

Similar techniques will work for turning URLs into apps on other platforms.

On my devices, I have an icon for TV Guide online, a Classroom Walkthrough, and a group of math calculators

What websites do you use so often that you have created icons on your device that make them “apps”?