“Is our school going to be listening to Barack Obama address the children?” This question has been a hot one on my Twitter feed, in the aisles of the grocery stores, and in phone conversations and e-mails my wife has with friends who have school-aged children. I can only imagine how many phone calls school secretaries and district office secretaries have fielded answering this question for parents.

Two superintendents found a way to get the message to parents: Post the district’s position to the school district blog. The two examples are:

Spring Branch (Texas) Independent School District

Bedford (Massachusetts) Public Schools

In a matter of minutes, these two superintendents did something that took the pressure off of schools and relieved the people on the front lines from having to field scores of phone calls. These are two superintendents who obviously “get it” when it comes to using technology to communicate easily.

These blogs are just two of the 10 district/superintendent blogs submitted to the Moving Forward Wiki. The wiki also lists over two dozen principal blogs as well as blogs related to every subject area. Do you have a blog you would like to add? Since it’s a wiki, we can all contribute. This wiki is a part of the CASTLE project.

As a principal and as a central office administrator, I found no tool to be as easy and at the same time powerful as a blog and others I have worked with have found the same thing.