Todoist recently added significant features to its free plan. Augusto Pinaud and I used these improvements as inspiration to compare & contrast Remember The Milk & Todoist.

In a recent post we focused on these four areas:

  • File upload
  • Task Notes (Remember The Milk) and Comments (Todoist)
  • Smart Lists (Remember The Milk) Filters (Todoist)
  • Forwarding tasks to email

You can watch that episode here.

In this episode, we examine how each tool handles collaboration. Instead of passing little pieces of paper back and forth, let the task list shoulder the load.

Augusto Pinaud is a productivity coach and Todoist user. Our purpose is not to promote one task manager as better than another. Rather, we give viewers a picture of how each tool handles these four areas.

If you enjoyed this webinar, you will enjoy the others in this series:

  • Webinar on repeating tasks and templates is yet to come.
  • Webinar on labels and calendar sync is yet to come.