When our information is digital, one of the time-management opportunities is automation. What are some of the repetitive tasks you find yourself doing?

  • Copying social media updates to Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Drive for archive purposes?
  • Posting updates to Instagram and then posting the same thing to Twitter?
  • Alerting someone else each time you add an event to your calendar?
  • Composing a new blog post and then mentioning the post on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn?

The list could go on forever.

Many of us have found If This Then That. The four examples above could all be handled with this fantastic service.

A different kind of example exists when we want to keep two services in sync. Perhaps you want to have all your OneDrive data duplicated in Dropbox and vice versa. Every time you make changes to a document in one service, it updates the other service. That scenario is what this post addresses.

Enter cloudHQ…

The particular task at hand was that I was considering moving from Evernote to Google Drive. I created a one-way sync from Evernote to One Drive in cloudHQ.

My first step was to look for a way to copy my Evernote data into Google Drive efficiently. I found cloudHQ . I was able to create a free account. The site never asked for a credit card. The site works with many services, as you will see if you create an account. You can also choose a “one-way sync” or “two-way sync.” My goal was a one-way sync from Evernote to Google Drive. Drag and drop the icons for the services into the squares. Choose “one-way sync.” Stand back and watch cloudHQ do the job.

Evernote versus Google Drive

cloudHQ created a folder in Google Drive called “Evernote” and copied all the Evernote data to it. Inside the Evernote folder, cloudHQ created folders corresponding to each Evernote notebook. As for the Evernote stacks, cloudHQ created a folder for each stack. It created subfolders inside to house the notebooks. I did lose the Evernote tags.

The sync worked well. Mine took several hours, copying over 2,000 notes into Google Drive. So, be prepared to give the process ample time to work. Along the way, I was able to see a record of what notebooks had been synced and a time-stamp on each.

If you are wanting to move from Evernote to Google Drive, cloudHQ is your answer. Likewise, check out the other services with which cloudHQ works. If you find the need to move from one service to another, or just keep two services in sync, cloudHQ will do the trick.


And the results of the experiment were…

By the way, are you wondering about my experiment with moving away from Evernote in a favor of One Drive? The experiment lasted one day. I went back to Evernote. Digital notes and digital documents are two different animals.

If you use cloudHQ, I would be interested in hearing examples of how you use it and why. Feel free to leave a comment.