Are you frustrated by all the browser tabs you have open? You may even have multiple windows open as well, each with its own set of tabs. Soon you can’t find the tab you need. If this sounds like you, Chrome Tab Search is a simple tool that solves the problem.

One of the problems I always encountered was listening to a podcast while performing other tasks. When the phone rang, I could never figure out which tab housed the podcast. Frantically, I’m trying to pause the podcast but can’t figure out how.

A simple “V”

Look at the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser. For decades, we’ve had the icons to minimize, maximize, or close the window. But there’s a new icon that resembles a downward-pointing “V.” That one is “Chrome Tab Search.”

UPDATE: A Chrome update on December 14, 2023 changed the position of the Chrome tab search. The downward-pointing “V” is now in the upper-left corner.

Click the icon and a list of all open tabs appears. Choose one from the list. The desired tab is now front-and-center.

Yes, there is also a window where the user can type the name of a tab. However, I find it so much easier to choose from the list.

Ouch! I didn’t mean to close that tab

How many times do we close a tab by mistake? It’s especially frustrating when we don’t even have the URL. Now, we have no idea how to get back to that information.

For years, I have used the keyboard shortcut Shift + Ctrl + T. That shortcut opens the last tab you closed. Using the same shortcut opens the tab before that and the tab before that. I even wrote about it in this post way back in 2014.

That shortcut was a lifesaver on so many occasions, and it still works. But, now there’s an easier way.

Click the Chrome Tab Search icon. Just below the list of open tabs is another list. That list shows the tabs recently closed. The tab you closed by mistake is on that list. One click and it’s back. You are in luck!

Why not give it a try right now while you’re thinking about it? You probably have a few tabs open on your computer already. If not, open some. See how easy it is to navigate between tabs and close tabs.

One small technique you use every day is a big thing.
Chrome Tab Search is one of those.

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