Checklists are great for making sure we don’t forget anything. A couple of weeks ago, I finally thought through a comprehensive “Packing Checklist” which lists everything I need to pack when I am going out of town as well as listing the few tasks that must be done before leaving.

In another post, I will talk about some of the checklists I have, where they are stored, and how I use them. The purpose of this post is to point you to a very simple web-based checklist maker.

Printable Checklists is a site that allows you to give your list a title, add as many items as you wish, and print your list. Think of all of the checklists you use over and over. The trip packing checklist is one example. If you have to plan lots of parties for children, composing a checklist for that activity would be a great idea.

The download seems to be the inability to save the list and then change it later. The upside is that it is so easy.