CLAS Secretaries Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s session on Technology Tips and Shortcuts. This post serves several purposes:

  • If you have never used Google Forms before, you will see one in action.
  • If you already use Google Forms, you may not be aware of a significant recent update. I am including a video which demonstrates them.
  • You responses will help me plan future professional development for school systems just like yours.
  • The post includes a downloadable handout with links to the tools we discuss.

Let’s get started. Click this link to let me know about your experiences with today’s session.

When you submit the form, it goes into the next blank line of a Google spreadsheet, and would look like this:

Google Forms


You also have the capability to embed a Google Form into a blog post

Here is the very same form. This time, I have embedded it into this post:


New Google Forms

In November 2015, Google issued a significant update for Google Forms. Everything that was there before is still there. Things are just in different places. If you have used Google Forms in the past, this video (less than 7 minutes) will bring you up to speed on what’s new.


Thanks to Techy Coach for preparing the video. (The link in the previous sentence takes you to other instructional videos he has created.)

Technology can overwhelm us or it can serve us. We get to choose!

Finally, click on this link to download the handout.