My first blog post appeared 15 years ago. (You’ll hear more about that next week.) Along the way, I gave the blog posts a new audience by writing a weekly column for the local newspaper, The Daily Home. Those who read the paper don’t always follow blogs and vice versa.

After some encouragement for others, I started repurposing the blog posts as short podcast episodes. If you have been with me for some time, you saw that project start two years ago. You still have the printed text to read. But, you have the added option to listen right in the blog post. Plus, you have the option to listen to the podcast on

Every Tuesday, you’ve come to expect a blog post, and that will continue. As a general rule, that post will give you the audio version of that post.

And, if you are an email subscriber, Tuesday’s also the day for the weekly email with tips you can use.

What’s new

When I started the podcast, it was hosted on Soundcloud. I later make the decision to use Anchor. Yes, everything is in the blog, but what about those who are interested in audio-only? Some episodes were in one place. Some were in another.

The first new thing is that if you subscribe to the podcast, you’ll get the new content each Tuesday. On Thursday, you’ll get a second piece of content… one of the podcasts originally hosted on Soundcloud. I’ll be releasing one a week until everything that was on Soundcloud is available for your listening on Anchor…all the audio in a single place.

What’s new #2

I’ve had a YouTube channel for quite a few years, but frankly haven’t done much with it. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Google is #1. I am looking at YouTube as a way to help additional people find me and enjoy the practical content you see here every week.

The plan is to release two pieces of content each week on YouTube initially. I will be sharing the podcasts on YouTube. There is a site called TunesToTube that allows anyone who has a YouTube channel to upload audio and a picture.

Each Tuesday, I’ll upload what is shared in the blog post. Often, the blog post contains links or other material. Each Saturday, I’ll be uploading a podcast episode to YouTube. Eventually, every podcast episode will be on YouTube as well.

YouTube will give those who are interested in organization and time management an additional way to enjoy the content.

To get things started, I’ve uploaded 5 of the podcasts to YouTube. You can find them at While you are there, let me know what you think about the idea. Leave a comment on one or all. Subscribe and “hit the bell.” That way, when there’s something new you’ll know about.

Over time, I’ve got some true “video” content planned I’ll be sharing there.

And one thing for your listening enjoyment…

Recently, I was a guest on the “Getting More Done With Evernote Podcast” with Ray Sidney-Smith. At the 7:15 mark, my segment begins. We talk about getting Evernote to talk to your digital task list using TaskClone. If you use both Evernote and a digital task list, TaskClone is amazing. Enjoy the audio segment.