Those who know Davonia and me well know how important our Shelties are to us. On January 9, we adopted Charlie from the Sheltie Rescue of East Tennessee. Of the seven Shelties who have found their forever home with us over the years, Charlie is the sixth rescue.

When Charlie tested positive for heartworms, his owner turned him over to the Humane Society rather than bear the expense of the treatment. The Sheltie Rescue of East Tennessee is responsible for rescuing Charlie and covering the expenses to restore good health. Just shy of three-years old, Charlie has many years ahead of him.

Charlie is our second adoption from this same rescue. In May, we adopted Sally. You can read about that adoption in this post. When we traveled to Tennessee to adopt Charlie, we took Sally with us. She had the opportunity to visit the place she had called home for two months. In addition, she got to visit her playmate Shiloh. Our first look at Sally was in this video, where she is seen playing with Shiloh. Sally is the taller sable.



The two wasted no time getting reacquainted. Here are the two at play during our recent visit.


When I talk to groups about social media, I emphasize that the blog is the center of your social media presence. You can express whatever is important to you in words, pictures, video, and links to other places. You decide the order, the length, and when others will see it. This post is an example of how a blog allows me to capture moments which will be important for a very long time and share them with other people.

Are you a blogger? How do you use your blog to share what is important?