I have shared reQall many times during workshops over the past several years. It allows me a quick way to take information received on the fly and get that information into my organizational system. Specifically, I grab my mobile phone, hold down one speed-dial key (which calls reQall), and speak. My vocal message, which can last up to 30 seconds, is transcribed into a written message and delivered to my email inbox. When I handle my email, I am also handling the information from reQall.

This video demonstrates some of the capabilities of reQall:

Changes coming…
Changes seem to be coming to reQall. Going to reQall.com reveals information about reQall Rover, a new service which is similar to as Siri and Vlingo. Here is a video demonstrating the capabilities of reQall Rover:

Can I still have the old reQall?
Yes! When you go to reQall, you will notice a message on the right-hand side of the title bar which says, “Looking for the old site? It’s here.” Clicking that link takes you to reQall.com/app. You can create an account, manage your account, and do everything reQall users have always been able to do.

I know about Siri, what you mentioned something called “Vlingo”?
Yes, anyone with a television knows about Siri. (If only it worked as well in real life as it works on the commercials…) Vlingo is a similar service, and one I have been using for well over a year. I have written about it in this post and this post. The videos you see in those posts demonstrate the capabilities of Vlingo. It’s free for BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone.

For years, we have wrestled with how to get information into our mobile devices with two thumbs. As voice recognition programs continue to improve, keyboard input may become a moot point. But…we still have a long way to go to get to that point.

How many of you use some type of voice input app? How well do you like it? What are your favorite uses?