What in the world is this? Is this the most recent version of these policies? Do I really need to keep this?

The job I am starting is the 5th position I have held in schools since beginning my career in 1982. In each case, I found myself asking these kinds of questions about material I would run across. I have found that time answers those questions. The best route is to put it away, and then look at it again some weeks or even months later. By that time, the answers are usually obvious.

“Bulk storage” is a great answer. In my last position, as principal of Graham School, one shelf in a closet served as my bulk storage. Anything to be handled in the future that was too bulky for the tickler files went there. A repeating tasks on my list would remind me to examine that shelf and take action on what I could.

In the new office, that two-door cabinet in the center has been nominated for the task of bulk storage. As I have come across notebooks, etc. for which I had questions, I made the appropriate entry on my to-do list, and added to the physical item to the bulk storage cabinet. The plan is not to even look in that cabinet for several weeks. By that time, I will have worked through my list, asked the proper the people the proper questions. When I do open that cabinet again, the value of each item and where it needs to go should be much more obvious.