If you are attending the National Association of Elementary School Principals conference this week, I invite you to attend my session. Here are some of the concepts we will cover:

  • How to select a name and know that it will be available across all social media platforms.
  • Which platform is the center of your social media platform.
  • Why not nearly as many people are seeing your Facebook posts as you think and what you can do.
  • How you can automate blog posts, Facebook messages, and Twitter tweets to post in the future.
  • How to streamline Twitter so that it is not so overwhelming.
  • Why having a hashtag for your organization is important.
  • How to share pictures from Instagram and have the images fully-formed in Twitter (and not just a link).
  • …and much more


Social media doesn’t have to be confusing. Branding you school is easier than you think and well worth the time.