We’ve come to the end of another year. Today is about reviewing some of the best of what we’ve brought you.

Every week, we’ve brought you new content. Some of you watch every video we do. Others are finding us for the first time. So, here are 11 videos that performed the best for viewers. I hope you’ll take some time to have another look at the ones you’ve seen and take a first look at any you missed.

  1. 10 Time Management Tactics: The Leaders Asset with Robert Barlow. Robert Barlow interviews me as a part of “The Leaders Asset” summit. We give you 10 time management tactics you can start implementing today.
  2. The Simplest Way to Organize Tasks. Want to make your task list your friend? Here’s how to organize tasks so your list flows and the most important tasks get done.
  3. Google Calendar | How to Make the Family Calendar Work. How would you like a family calendar that actually works? Get rid of the refrigerator calendar and let shared Google Calendars do the job.
  4. Journaling With Your Voice (Using Evernote). Use voice input to create a journal in Evernote. Use your voice to text yourself. The automation you learn in this post does the rest.
  5. Evernote: How to Keep Up With Those Important Interactions. How do you keep up with things like nice handwritten notes from friends? Trap those memories in Evernote by devoting a note to each person.
  6. Evernote: How to Link a Note to a Calendar Event. You take notes in Evernote. You’re preparing for a meeting, scheduled phone call, or another event. When it’s time for the event on your calendar, how can you quickly put your hands on the notes? This video shows how.
  7. What’s a Money Calendar and Why You Need One. When routine payments and subscriptions are handled automatically, how can you be sure it’s correct? A money calendar is the answer.
  8. Evernote Quick Note | What It Is and Why You Need It. Looking for the digital equivalent of the “memo pad by the phone”? Look no further. The Evernote Quick Note is a gem hidden in the desktop software.
  9. Evernote How to Organize Your Good Ideas. Your information is only as good as your ability to find it when you need it. Let Evernote help you do the job.
  10. 7 Great Uses for Evernote. What could you keep in Evernote? Here are 7 practical uses for Evernote. Pick one and get started. Add more one at a time.
  11. Google Travel | Why You Are Going to Love This One. When you plan a trip, Google does more than you probably know. We’ll look at what happens on your Google Calendar and explore Google Travel

Thank you for spending part of your 2022 with me. Happy New Year and let’s keep doing this every week in 2023. Grab the URL for this post so you can work through each of the posts and their videos at your leisure.

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