This year is one that has challenged everything from how we worship to how we teach school to how we go out to eat. The story of 2020 is one that will be told for generations. Part of that story has to do with people who did the best they could with the hand they were dealt.

Over the past year, I hope this column has brought you tools, techniques, and ideas that have helped you in your day-to-day lives. Much of it deals with technology for two reasons. First, technology is always changing. Second, technology has the potential to free time and make life easier for us all. Overnight, Zoom went from being a tool for the few to the lifeline that gave our schools, businesses, and relationships a way to keep going

Looking back over the year, here are the ten articles I have shared with you that are my favorites. Each also appears on my blog, and I have given you the link to each one. I hope you enjoying reviewing this “Best of 2020.”

And Now You Have the Time  When a virus took our country by surprise, many of us found ourselves at home with time on our hands. This article was designed to help us focus on those things over which we have control.

How to Create Video with Zoom and Edit with Shotcut The video which accompanied this article was my most viewed video ever. We were all trying to learn about this new thing called “Zoom.”

Time Blocking Made Easy: My Own Take This video represents the most in-depth examples of how I plan my day. I talk often about using a digital task list. This one provides a behind-the-scenes look.

How to Solve Your PDF Headaches PDF is a great format unless you need to make changes. Here, I share one free site that gives you unbelievable flexibility.

3 Great Hidden Features in Windows 10 Most people don’t know the new Windows 10 features. This article showed you about hiding desktop icons, Quick Assist, and Snip & Sketch. Any of the three, if its something you need often, can be a gamechanger.

Screen Snips with 1 Key: My New Favorite Shortcut I never used the “Print Screen” key on my computer. Now, it’s something I use multiple times every single day. It’s all because of changing one setting, and it took less than 30 seconds.

If This Then That: My Dozen Most Powerful Applets We can harness technology to perform routine tasks. It frees our time to do more enjoyable things. This article gives you some examples.

How to Use Evernote to Track Your Time Speaking of “If This Then That,” this article showed how you could keep a time log without ever having to write down a thing. This one is a little on the techie side, but the video I created has drawn its share of interest.

Avoid the Curse of the Blank Page The worst part of the writing process is writer’s block. The blank page is the enemy. What if we could grab those random thoughts as they come to us at the most unlikely moments and put them on that (digital) page. When it comes time to write, we have a head start.

How to Promote Gratitude and Organization with Our Young  Is the handwritten thank-you note a lost art? I hope this one will give you the motivation to bring it back. Be sure to come over to the blog and listen to my interview with Jason Womack.

We’ve made it to the end of 2020 and none of us had any idea what we would be in for. What will 2021 bring? Well, some of things are going to be beyond your control. But the ones that are going to have the most impact on your day-to-day life are things you can control, and it all happens through the dimension of time. As we travel through 2021 together, I hope you’ll join me each week as you get organized and make it look easy.