Hi! My name is Cabrio. I wish I could tell you how old I am or what my days as a pup were like. You see, I was picked up on the road as a stray in an eastern Tennessee town. The next thing I knew, I was at animal control. There were lots of dogs there, but I felt so alone and so scared.

I knew what was happening. With more dogs than room to accommodate us, others around me were disappearing into this room in the back and not coming back out again. Being “put down” was what they called it. I just knew I might be next.

Then, this lady who said she was from a place called the Bright Hope Animal Rescue appeared and asked to look at me. I have to admit, I was really pretty much a mess at that point. They actually had to shave off all of my fur because of the mess I was in. She came back to visit me a second time, and this time I wound up going home her. For the next several months, I stayed at the rescue. There were lots of other dogs and even horses that lived there.

That brings me to my home now. One day, a car drove up into the driveway. The man and woman who got out seemed awfully interested in me and wanted to talk to me and pet me. As it turned out, they wanted to adopt me and take me to their house to live forever.

My days have been good ever since. I have a soft bed and plenty of treats. My new owners seem ecstatic when they say “sit” and I do or when they say “shake” and I lift up my right front paw. If that makes them happy, I am game! My fur is growing back a little more every day, and my owners think I am so pretty.

But from time to time, I do think, “What if that lady from Bright Hope had not stopped by?” I am afraid to say I probably would not be alive right now to tell you my story.

There are animal shelters all over that are overflowing. Our stories are all different. In some cases, our stories are tragic. During my time there, I met some friends who would make great pets if just given a chance. I hope they found homes.

This is “Be Kind to Animals Week.” There is perhaps no better way to celebrate it than to visit a shelter and give one of us a forever home. Another way you can show your kindness if to make a donation to one of the rescues in your area. They work tirelessly to find loving homes for loveable pets. And, they make a difference. Bright Hope sure made a difference for me!