If you are a Pinterest user, have you looked at my boards? Check out Pinterest.com/DrFrankBuck. The boards are built around “The 5 Keys to Organization & Time Management.” You will see a board devoted to each of the following:

  1. Handle the Papers
  2. Signature Tool
  3. Repeating Tasks
  4. Managing the Incoming Flood
  5. Handle Multiple Projects

In addition, you will find boards for these subjects:

  1. Technology
  2. Speaking and Coaching
  3. Books Worth Reading
  4. Human Greatness
  5. Music

The majority of the images are drawn from my blog posts. Click on the image, and you will be taken to the corresponding blog post. So, if you are interested in handling multiple projects, click on that board. You will see images from posts related to that topic.

Feel free to re-pin items of interest to your own board so that those who follow your boards will be able to enjoy the posts as well.

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