Get Organized Cover 3D 2If you enjoyed Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders, I think you will be delighted with this second edition. The release date is September 6.

What’s New in Get Organized?

Everything that has happened in technology…that’s what’s new. You will find an increased emphasis on digital organization. You will read learn exactly what to look for when choosing a digital task list.

If you wanted to learn Evernote but didn’t know where to start, you will find a whole chapter, and it’s geared to the world of education.

If keeping track of your digital information is throwing you for a loop, you are in luck. You will see one system which pulls together:

  • Paper
  • Information on your computer
  • Digital notes
  • Digital documents stored “in the cloud”
  • Google Drive
  • Internet resources

Would You Like a “Sneak Peek”?

Get Organized Sneak Peek Cover

Earlier this week, newsletter subscribers got a “sneak peek” of the bulk of Chapter 1 along with descriptions of the other chapters in the book. You can get the same thing. Just sign up for my newsletter, and this sneak peek is yours. In addition to the link in the last sentence, you can also use the sign-up button in the sidebar of this blog or the sign-up in the middle of the homepage. They all take you to the same place.

If you have ever looked at the mess on your desk and wondered if there was a way out of the paper avalanche, that free gift is going to give you the answer in a very nuts & bolts way.

What Others are Saying

“Is it time to get your life back? In the ten minutes it takes to read (and the one hour it takes to implement) even the first chapter of Get Organized!, you’ll gain a sense of ease and control over your workload. As a former high school teacher, I wish I had been given this book the week before I started my teaching career. Read it today, and regain time… and your life… tomorrow.”
-Jason Womack author of Your Best Just Got Better

“From organizing your tasks to managing your inbox, Get Organized! is filled with practical tips you can implement today. Now that I’ve read the book, I’m more organized, relaxed, and focused because I know how to have everything in place. If you are overwhelmed by all you have to do, this book is for you.”
-Barbara R. Blackburn, author of 15 books, including Motivating Struggling Learners: 10 Ways to Build Student Success

“This book is like having a private consultation with an amazing organization guru. Anyone can get organized, simply by reading Dr. Buck’s book, thanks to the easy concise instructions that will quickly change your life for the better!”
-Pattie Thomas, Curriculum Coordinator, Talladega City (AL) Schools

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